BLEGSCOPE was developed on a unique premise that a group of young professionals had sufficient skills to develop a database of knowledge that when organized well, can be used to help young business start-ups develop into better established enterprises based on a foundation of credible knowledge and practical experience to provide solutions to these clients‟ challenges.

Many start-up organizations and those well established in business go about their operations in a reactive manner. Reacting to the market; reacting to what their clients want; reacting to how their business performed last year etc. The original goals and objectives of why they were formed have been put aside and the organizations tend to put their planning needs aside and focus more on the day to day challenges facing the business enterprise.

BLEGSCOPE was formed with this in mind and aim to empower their clientele with the simple basic knowledge that will enable the business enterprises to work efficiently with set targets and plans on how to operate smoothly. Many times, there is little or no effort done by business managers and entrepreneurs to think critically about their businesses.

The grand ideas that they have remain as grand ideas, and never are brought to life because they are swamped with the day to day issues.

We at BLEGSCOPE believe that once a business is your brain child, whether you are there or not, the dream must go on and it must achieve what you set it out to do. Instead the few organizations that dare to dream live vicariously through the owners and founders and do not attempt to change.

When he/she is gone, so too does the original “drive”. We care to develop and spread this original drive and use the top-across-bottom approach to share the initiative to develop actions and instil results to allow the founder‟s ideas to be built upon and grow to make the company‟s last longer than their founder members.

This lack of relevant knowledge is the gap that we intend to reduce and eventually close. There is lack of commitment to strategic planning for business continuity and thus many organizations are faced with the problem of well-groomed succession plans for the enterprise. That is why BLEGSCOPE exists. To support enterprises keep on track with their intended goals and strategic plans.