For any business, a major capital investment is the investment in people – ‘human capital’. Managing people effectively to release their full potential and enable them to succeed is a key factor for any business. This includes attracting, retaining and rewarding key personnel with the essential skills, abilities and aptitude for the work involved.

The major competitive advantage for any leading-edge businesses is the ability to attract, support, develop and retain high performing personnel and associates. Businesses compete in several marketplaces: they compete for customers, scare resources, and they also compete for staff. Winning the competition for the best people and the business development imperatives are quite clear and obvious that include;

  • Availability of human resources to maximize business opportunities in the specific customer base or market segments targeted by the business.
  • Medium to long-term succession for business owners and senior managers
  • wishing to exit from the business.
  • Continuity of competence and experience within the business to cope with natural attrition as people move through the business.

At BLEGSCOPE, we support our clients to compete effectively in the marketplace for the best people as these businesses need to develop tailored workforce plans that will address these issues.

  • Understanding the competitive advantage they can gain from employing good people and including workforce planning in their business strategies.
  • Developing people management strategies, structures and practices that
  • align with the overall business strategy and customer-driven business processes.
  • Attracting, training and retaining key people through effective recruitment processes, training and development, employee engagement and succession planning activities.
  • Active leadership from business owners and managers through clear organizational communication, development of a team culture and effective management of organizational change.
  • Effective recognition and reward systems, including performance reviews and feedback, rewards for good performance and support for individual development plans.
  • Essential human resource systems to meet legislative requirements regarding employing people to ensure the business will avoid expensive
  • litigation and employment problems

Our approach assists these organizations to recruit, develop and retain key managers and staff through:

  • Review of human resource strategies and policies
  • Assessment of management competencies
  • Recruitment of management and executive staff
  • Development of retention strategies and succession plans
  • Provision of skills through training, coaching and mentoring
  • Development of teams
  • The design and delivery of training and development programs