Long time – No write


*clears throat*

So, uh, it’s been some time since I’ve written anything for The BLEGSCOPE Blog; I’d like to say that it’s because I’d gotten busy, but the truth of the matter is that in the past almost 24 months, I’ve either been reading a book on my tablet (currently reading Being Unreasonable – Lessons in Unconventional Thinking by Eli Broad and I have a long list of books shared by both Cecilia from her online stash and Alex from Hooked to Books), had a running session up the Tank Hill, tried to get financing clients for a mid-sized private equity financing firm, handling the life of both a 14 year old and 2 and a half year old with 85 times more energy or been engrossed by a certain TV series with a lead character named “Ghost” that I was not paying attention to the writing part of my life resulting in a 2 year hiatus (last post here was 16th Oct 2017).

That notwithstanding, the readership numbers though dwindled, have not sputtered to a halt with some new readers clicking some articles from Canada, Alaska-USA, Ghana, Germany, Australia and of course Uganda my home country. Very humbling to seem to have run out of steam putting out any form of content and still have the blog have visitors read your content from 5 years ago.

Long story short, I’ve been bad.

Real bad>> at writing and even worse at sharing my thoughts anywhere.

… Long Time Everything …

On the bright side, I have recently dared myself to write about the perils of starting, growing and semi-shutting down a burgeoning consulting practise in a developing economy with a view to focus on lessons learnt and mistakes that one should make when choosing to become self-employed.

For reals

The first thing I did when the idea hit me was to admit that it was not a terrible idea since I have had at least 10 colleagues, peers and friends ask me where did I get the cojones to quit my job and go back to square one to prove that my own skills and knowledge could be an enabler and put food on the table consistently.

Key word consistently**.

The first thing I did was to scour through all the old content and see for myself the most liked (read as clicked) articles which to me was a clear reaction as to what we shared/ wrote was resonating with the growing readers.

To my absolute shock, I have never been asked by anyone (colleague or peer alike) to write about the how/ the what/ or the why. I was not really expecting anyone to ask any of those questions, but I do feel that retrospective-reflection is an amazing way to reach closure and make progressive decisions to grow.

So I am going to re-ignite this blog and start writing more to the better (not best) of my ability posts that resonate with me and my colleagues, peers, wider readership some of the experiences we (myself and my business partner) have undergone in getting this thing up, sitting, crawling, walking, back to strolling and now to running all over again.

Yes, the good stuff, the bad stuff, the challenges, the heartbreak the reality of stuff no one tells you till you are chest-deep in the stinky stuff and you have no toilet paper. I will do my best to keep it relevant in title, content and flow because frankly, the most significant stuff about BLEGSCOPE is the people and events surrounding its raison d’etre.

Oh, and if you have any questions along the way, leave a comment!  I will be happy to tailor my content to interested readers.

Well, that’s all for now, folks.

Next week, let’s ask and answer the question on why hand to mouth is never spoken about

By Edmund Kamugisha

Who takes the lead at BLEGSCOPE? That would be Edmund, our Principal Partner, who looks for solutions to improve results through strategy implementation for our clients. With an MSc in Economics, Edmund is a former Business Advisor in a Mid-size Private Equity firm and a Projects Officer at a Top Consulting practice. He left  to start up and run BLEGSCOPE.

You can follow him on twitter: @edmokmg

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  1. Zulu

    Welcome back, Sir.
    We’ve missed you.
    Now looking forward to more posts coming up. ✊?

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