Business_Tip: Change Management

Running any business is a constant game of trial and error, and this is worse for SMEs and therefore they must be quick to adapt to change if they want to survive and thrive. This confirms the old adage that the only constant thing in the world is change. So, businesses must not protect the past, but rather focus on the future. Business owners and managers must therefore be aware that their businesses especially the SMEs must constantly evolve and this requires continuous assessment and adjustment in a couple of things that make up the business. These adjustments or changes may range from products, target market, delivery channels and even organisation structures.

The unfortunate bit of it is that; change is not always well received. When change is proposed in an organisation, different stakeholders may not always embrace it with enthusiasm and often times, may actually be discouraged. To this end, change may not realise it full benefits in most cases. Businesses must therefore take a deliberate approach to prepare and support individuals and teams in the organisation to fully appreciate and support the proposed changes.  And this process is what is termed as Change Management. Change management includes methods that redirect or redefine the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly change a company or organization.

With the business environment undergoing so much change, enterprises must then learn to become comfortable with change as well. Therefore, the ability to manage and adapt to organisational change is a vital capability required in the workplace today. Yet, major and rapid organisational change is very challenging because the structure, culture, limited resources and routines of organisations often reflect a persistent and difficult-to-remove “imprint” of past periods, which are resistant to radical change even as the current environment of the organization changes rapidly.

In conclusion, we must admit that change is hard; but it must not be an excuse for not considering a deliberate change management process since change is inevitable. Change requires a significant effort and a very positive attitude.

By Brian Ahabwe Kakuru

Brian is an entrepreneur and business advisor. He is also the Managing Director at BLEGSCOPE®, and has close to 15 years of business advisory experience notably in the financial services, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, real estate, infrastructure, and agriculture among others. You can follow him on twitter >> @BrianAhabweK



BLEGSCOPE is the brand name representing all BLEGSCOPE business and other initiatives that operate under BLEGSCOPE Capital Ltd (BCL).

BCL is an investment holding company based in Uganda that was set up to provide a valuable and unparalleled platform for like-minded entrepreneurs to exploit the numerous business and investment opportunities in the Great Lakes region.

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