Have you ever been in that scenario when you are wondering what is itching your boss? You know what I mean; that point when you are so sure you agreed to split the roles of some assignment and then he/she turns around to yell in your face about not delivering in your outputs and your turn around time slowing down ever so quickly!

The next immediate reaction is usually you being met in the corridor by someone and that person also receiving a yelling from you for nothing at all. Hehehehe

Truth be told, the way we react to yelling is weird. Most times it is usually at no fault of ours, but we usually just take the yelling full-on partially because we are startled into it and mainly because we do not expect it in the first place as we are conc-sure that we have executed what we were tasked to execute and usually above everybody’s expectation!

It can be argued that we cannot really avoid a yelling since the Boss is always allowed to be the Boss. But my business partner once shared with me that when he left his cushy job as a Banker in a large Pan-African bank to join a newly set up bank in the heart of our capital city, he had only previously been yelled at twice and both times were by clients and not any of his supervisors!

He went on to say that the first time, he promised the client to have something done and the team responsible at the head office delayed to execute it and the client damn-right blew his socks off and left after giving the manager a piece of his mind! It suffices to say that the next 10 to 15 minutes;he was seen (and heard) yelling down the phone at someone at the head office.

The second time, it was just one of those days when nothing seems to be going your way! A different client this time who had engaged him previously and had no such problems seemed to be having an equally crappy day and when his bank draft was not ready at the agreed upon time, a yelling was given to him and the day went south from there on out.

Dealing with a yelling has no scientific way of being handled lest you are a psychologist who has trained in this, but we have some prescribed methods of dealing with being yelled at based on the type of yelling given;

Anticipated – Yelling

Minding my own business then find myself being yelled at – Yelling

Technical – Yelling

Corridor – Yelling

Silent – Yelling

Overall, the yelling types always seem to arise from someone not learning how to manage or handle their emotions. There are other ways of showing that are you are annoyed and yet do not lasting memories on staff members. Some of these include;

Scathing Emails

Offsite Tongue Lashing

Regular Performance Appraisals

Genuine feedback on poor performance

Otherwise, the yelling game is not going anywhere soon, as long as we are constantly getting new managers who are still learning how to handle emotions based on not being impressed as expected and having a higher rate of delivery than most.

But be honest, tell us the story when you were yelled at!

Better still, when have you done the yelling?

by Edmund Kamugisha

Edmund Kamugisha

Edmund is the Engagement Director at BLEGSCOPE® and has over 8 years of management consultancy experience notably in MSMEs, FMCG and companies in the service industry.You can follow him on twitter: @edmokmg



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