BLEGSCOPE Infrastructure Ltd, is a privately owned business that was incorporated in June 2013. Currently the latest initiative at BLEGSCOPE Capital, the firm’s main focus is real estate. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals is our biggest strength.

BLEGSCOPE Infrastructure is a niche architectural firm that offers: architectural specification preparation, construction management and contract administration consulting. We also offer input into scheduling, planning and design.

We believe in working as a ‘Team’ and in working closely with our clients, consultants, and contractors in developing each project. We also utilize our extensive experience and exposure with contract administration and construction management to connect the efforts of ‘the Office’ with the conditions, processes, and procedures required on ‘the Construction Site’.

Our in-depth knowledge of each project allows us to easily and effectively respond to any deviations from the original plans. Regardless of the parameters or the challenges that are encountered, we will always take a positive, thorough, and pleasant approach to bringing about a satisfactory solution.

Our services range from concept development, implementation and then management and our core services are;

a)       Architecture

b)       Interior Design

c)       Engineering consulting

d)       Project management

e)       Property management

f)        Property Finance Brokering