BBC is a unique platform in Uganda that brings together like-minded business owners, managers and other stakeholders in the SME space to share knowledge experiences, challenges and opportunities. The idea was conceived after BLEGSCOPE – a business consulting firm realised that most of its customers were not actively engaged and also benefiting from the existing numerous business associations. Our findings showed that most of these associations largely benefited the  large corporations without paying keen attention on the SMEs – who form a bulk of BLEGSCOPE’s client base.

The club largely attracts membership from the consulting clients of BLEGSCOPE. Following the assessment of possible benefits to the club members, the club has now opened possible membership to others institutions including all the SMEs and other SME stakeholders to better benefit the existing club members. This way, synergies shall be sought to support these SME with a multi-sectorial approach that include; people services skills, managing business growth, finances, operations, tax and other regulatory compliance requirements and so forth.

BBC is a not-for-profit organization whose activities are managed by BLEGSCOPE (U) Limited for guaranteed coordination and sustainability. BBC has an independent Advisory Council headed by the Chairperson and also and independent Governing Council headed by the Club Patron.

Key benefits to the club members are;

  • A broad business networking platform for businesses
  •  Learning opportunities through trainings and seminars
  • Business Counseling from BLEGSCOPE (U) Limited.