Brian Ahabwe Kakuru

10+ Years of Experience

Areas of Expertise: Strategy, Business Development, Private Equity and Banking.

Brian KakuruBrian is one of the founders BLEGSCOPE currently operating as the Managing Director. He brings over 10 years’ experience of banking, strategy consulting, business development, and finance. He works extensively with SMEs and large corporates in East Africa. Brian has deep interests in finance, infrastructure, logistics and natural resources industries.

Brian is the overall team leader and business development manager at BLEGSCOPE charged with steering the business to greater heights. Brian has practical mid-level experience banking, business development, sales and marketing, branch management, investments, SME Capacity Building, mid and high level strategic planning, other corporate business development services, general consulting services and capacity building strategies.

Brian is also charged with the Corporate Finance Department at BLEGSCOPE.

Prior to founding BLEGSCOPE, Brian worked with different banks in Uganda that exposed him to retail and commercial banking skills. He mainly managed bank relationships with SMEs and then large corporates.

He received a BA (Economics) from Makerere University and  an MBA from Uganda Martyr’s University.