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Case Study: A Start-up Radio Station

The Situation

Driven by the opportunities arising from the gaps in the market amongst the different media houses, two budding entrepreneurs with complementary skills and backgrounds needed to better understand the viability of setting-up a radio station in South-Western Uganda. BLEGSCOPE was contracted to carry-out a feasibility study for a radio station.

BLEGSCOPE Intervention

A field trip to the targeted area marked the beginning of the assignment. A market research was undertaken to ascertain the market dynamics ranging from the listenership preferences and what was available by the different radio stations. Critical success factors for the business and a risk analysis were also undertaken. Lastly, a financial model was developed with different scenario cases of market penetration that drive income to project the break-even point, return of investment and other financial indicators.

The Impact

The promoters were able to use the feasibility study report and successfully sourced a long term loan from a development bank and within 12 months of completion of the assignment,  the radio was operational and on air.

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