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The Attributes of an Entrepreneur’s start-up dream.

Starting up your own business and most of all seeing it grow can be a very exciting thing. It is time to move from a start up to a grown up mode.  The big question for the first 300 days is mainly how your business will survive. After having found your original idea following your …

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Are You Ready For Business? Why Have You Chosen That Business?

Usually, establishing a business is as thrilling as it may be frightening at all times. Many will experience as many rough times just like the good times. To many, this brings a lot of the much needed hope for a lot more better times and it keeps them moving. Every entrepreneur needs to know that …

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Starting a business? 6 Practical Things You MUST Do!

I’ve been told before that starting a business is one of the toughest things that has ever been done… During my work as a Business Analyst and Strategy-Consultant, I have come to interact with a cocktail of business minds young and old as well as wealthy and other comfortable. Matching this with the fact that …

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