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The Fundamentals of Credit Sales in your Business

Today, with increasing options to buyers, most businesses are offering additional incentives to its customers which include credit sales. It is widely believed that offering credit can; Encourage customers to spend more, which can result in increased sales. Increase customer goodwill and build good customer relations. Make your customers less sensitive to price and more …

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The careful art of managing relationships (PART II)

Following through on last week’s article, this here is the conclusion to the careful art of managing relationships.   Managing the relationships between what can be many teams of people, comprising of perhaps many thousands of people, who might be based all over the globe, needs some science. At the heart of successful relationship management …

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The careful art of managing relationships (PART I)

From the guy who parades the gun purporting to be the security guard, to the lady who brings you cinnamon spiced tea every morning, to the driver making deliveries for you all the way to the accountant in the finance department who handles your re-imbursables as well as the team in HR who always seem …

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