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Dec 11

The Truth About Patronage in Business

In using the word patronage, I remember when I was younger how it was mainly used to describe the frequenters of the local watering holes and not spread to other buyers of good or services. In trying to debate this topic in this article, we realize that patronage in any industry is not an easy …

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Nov 27

How Entrepreneurs Deal With A Low Morale

We have all experienced days when you wake up and feel no need to do anything either because you are upset about something or because of disappointments from the day before. Most people have focused on motivating employees and it often seems like entrepreneurs never get demotivated. On the contrary, entrepreneurs experience the latter just …

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Jul 18

What you may not know about PPPs ~ Part II

From Part-I, we shared the basics of PPPs. We now understand that that the private sector‘s role is to provide commercially effective solutions to assist government to achieve its outcomes by achieving defined levels of performance in service delivery. To tap into the PPPs space, the private sector must therefore be prepared to provide expertise …

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Jan 21

How to write an operations manual

Every business and organisation, no matter how big or small, needs to have standards that govern the way it carries out its activities. It is believed that developing your own set of policies and procedures (often called an “operations manual”) will help your business run more smoothly ~ especially when you cannot be there. It …

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