Tag: Entrepreneurship

Oct 12

6 Tips to building a successful business

As you planned to start your first business, you probably did a lot of research, sought help from advisors, useful mentors, and got information from books, Google and other readily available sources. You could have invested a lot-in terms of money, time and sweat equity-to get your business off the ground to the stage at …

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Jul 22

The Attributes of an Entrepreneur’s start-up dream.

Starting up your own business and most of all seeing it grow can be a very exciting thing. It is time to move from a start up to a grown up mode.  The big question for the first 300 days is mainly how your business will survive. After having found your original idea following your …

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Nov 27

How Entrepreneurs Deal With A Low Morale

We have all experienced days when you wake up and feel no need to do anything either because you are upset about something or because of disappointments from the day before. Most people have focused on motivating employees and it often seems like entrepreneurs never get demotivated. On the contrary, entrepreneurs experience the latter just …

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Aug 22

Small Scale Industries | A credible option for emerging entrepreneurs?

When thinking of business ventures to engage in, there is a great tendency to copy (and a few others will think of modifying) the existing businesses. This tendency has driven most emerging entrepreneurs to trading, agriculture related and service based industries. This trend is further fuelled by a misconception that manufacturing is a complex area …

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