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Mar 14

Our top 10 MUST READ/ MOST READ articles of 2016

Last year 2016, we published a number of articles and reports on this here BLEGSCOPE Business Blog. Whereas we may understand how content management and marketing works, our interest is to portray our thought leadership with our shared experiences and written down analysis to assist our clients make a better business/ development decision. Listed below …

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Aug 23

How to Manage Your Online Reputation.

In our previous article we defined and talked about online reputation. Today, we share with you how you can manage your online reputation. There are now so many ways for strangers or even friends to communicate with you online without your knowledge. These people could be posting negative comments about you and your company, writing …

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Jun 17

An analysis of the 2016/17 Uganda Budget

A whole week has gone by since the budget was read and all the necessary analyses have been broken down. But allow me to get my commentary in as well. Building on his first budget reading last year, the re-instated Minister of Finance Hon. Matia Kasaija explained it clearly that in an election year, because …

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May 13

5 Key Things To Consider Before Selecting A Credible Consultant!

How many of your former classmates do you know are out there purporting to be consultants? Would you even recommend them for work that be-fits their profiles? Hiring outside consultants to do short-term projects is becoming more and more common, not just in business, but more frequently in NGOs, commercial businesses as it is government …

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May 06

Organisational Structures That Kill Businesses.

As a consultant, every client you handle is a learning experience and an eye opener to bigger issues that many other organisations (may) face. Recently, our firm BLEGSCOPE was engaged by a client to conduct an Organisational Self-Assessment and our findings were both interesting and distressing. In our article today, we share some of our …

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Apr 05

Formulating A Strategy For Your Business

From our previous article on strategic management, we now follow-up on how your business can formulate a workable strategy to truly get ahead of the competition. The Strategic Management process has three main stages; Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation and then Strategy Evaluation. . Strategy formulation is the first step in strategic management and must be …

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Mar 30

Using Strategy to Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

Talking of strategy, it does not sound strange to many and is often times used widely in our day-to-day vocabulary. But pointing out what exactly it is and how we can use it in business, many will start to give general statements that may actually not reflect our clear understanding of what it is. Today, …

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Mar 23

Are You A Manufacturer? Have You Heard About Lean Manufacturing?

When John Krafcik, as a young quality engineer at Toyota decided to embark on his MBA studies at MIT Sloan School of Management, little did he know that his area of study would later revolutionarise the manufacturing industry. In 1988, he wrote an article “Triumph of the Lean Production System,” based on his master’s thesis …

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Mar 15

Unmasking The 7 Areas Of Focus And Key Metrics In Manufacturing Businesses

In manufacturing businesses or call it Industry, achieving growth and ensuring sustainability are some of the hardest things to do. Ranging from the complex production processes, to manpower, product development and inventory management, the challenges are inexhaustible. With large capital investments required to set-up and operate, it is evident that industry players are always hopeful …

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Mar 03

Networking – Part 2; Practical Ways To Improve Your Network And Networking

In my previous article, I spoke about not taking some things for granted concerning networking. In this piece I will use it as a continuation and highlight specific elements that will enable you to use practical methods to improve your networking abilities. Before is begin, I will insist and say it first here and will …

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