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Interview with Jauharah Kayemba of Flexi-Clean & Tranquillity Spa

Being a past client of BLEGSCOPE, We spoke to Jauharah about what pushes her in trying to tick all her boxes, her background in business and entrepreneurship as well as the more challenging things that her journey as a cleaning company owner and a wellness centre owner has brought throughout her career BLEGSCOPE_Business_Blog: Why are …

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Interview with Arthur Busingye of The Hub Group and Busingye Properties

Being a past client of BLEGSCOPE, We spoke to Arthur about his roles in his various ventures, his background in business and entrepreneurship and the most challenging things his journey as a real-estate guru slash businessman he has faced throughout his career. BLEGSCOPE_Business_Blog: You are a businessman and many may say heir of a formidable …

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Interview with NodeSix’s ~> Solomon King

In line with growing our content for this here blog, every month we shall interview one of our former/ current clients. Our focus is on creating belief in local entrepreneurs and identifying local business people that can and have made some form of success from hard work and desire to grow. In 2011, BLEGSCOPE was …

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