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Aug 25


In my very first job after finishing my degree in economics, I had the opportunity to possibly the best training job to get one out of your shell. I was a Sales Executive for a two-person advertising / architectural practise. They were (are) a couple (now married) who both studied architecture at their respective Universities …

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Jul 26

Online Reputation Management

Have you ever thought about reputation? Do you really think it is important? Clearly, reputation is among our most treasured and powerful tools. At its simplest, reputation refers to what others think of us. This simple fact affects everything we do and say, everyone around us and everything we try to accomplish say public and …

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Jul 22

The Attributes of an Entrepreneur’s start-up dream.

Starting up your own business and most of all seeing it grow can be a very exciting thing. It is time to move from a start up to a grown up mode.  The big question for the first 300 days is mainly how your business will survive. After having found your original idea following your …

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Mar 01

Networking; 6 Things About Networking You Should Not Take For Granted

In my earlier career, and even at the University I always had a feeling that if you were really good at your craft, you would be sought out and you would be able to command the highest price that your buyers were/ are willing to pay for your services/ goods. As I’ve grown older and …

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Aug 13

Tips From An Entrepreneur On Setting Up Your Business

Building on our most recent article that covered some questions that will guide your choice of setting up a business, we scheduled a meeting with Dickson Mushabe of Hostalite to give us a breakdown of a few key points one should consider when setting up a business. Incase you have no heard about Dickson, he …

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Jul 14

9 Lessons to Manage Businesses During Uncertainty.

With the current economic situation that we are in and certain that it will continue to deteriorate, it poses severe uncertainty to businesses and their owners and managers. A lot has been said about the depreciation of local currency that the Central Bank Governor has said that he will not defend. The major solution that …

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May 28

Interview with Jauharah Kayemba of Flexi-Clean & Tranquillity Spa

Being a past client of BLEGSCOPE, We spoke to Jauharah about what pushes her in trying to tick all her boxes, her background in business and entrepreneurship as well as the more challenging things that her journey as a cleaning company owner and a wellness centre owner has brought throughout her career BLEGSCOPE_Business_Blog: Why are …

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Apr 09

Purging The Holes In Your Relationship Management Model

A systematic set of activities in which businesses engage in to initiate, maintain and enhance contacts with different stakeholders is referred to as Relationship management. The engagement can be between the clients, industry peers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Given that the customer is very key to the success of any business, many businesses have devised …

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Mar 10

An expert’s guide on how SMEs can better manage the Government’s procurement process.

Government is the single largest procurement body for goods, services and works through its different departments and ministries. The public procurement system in Uganda had been centralized and all procurements were done centrally in the 1980s. However, due to the size of the government that has grown over the years, government adopted a more decentralized …

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Mar 03

Financial Inclusion Opportunities

Uganda has so far conducted three demand-side surveys for measuring the level of financial inclusion in Uganda. The surveys were carried out in 2006, 2009 and more recently in 2013. The results of the recent survey indicate significant improvement in the access to financial services by adult population. Overall, 85% of Uganda’s adult population aged …

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