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Feb 04

Aiming at Success, Be sure it’s time to break the rules

Following through on the previous post asking; Success, what does it mean to you? Rules are found everywhere in life and most of them are good, reasonable and helpful. Rules make a lot of sense for people to live in harmony. They keep us safe and also help us to get things done in an …

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Jan 30

Success, what does it mean to you?

We all seem to want it. We all seem to seek it. “Success” seems to be the magic word for what we chase after, prepare for, choose, desire. It’s how we often define our lives. Money, fame, power and impact or contribution are often what we have been told make up success. If we don’t …

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Jan 23

Really, is the Operations Manual important?

Following through on the previous article on How to prepare an Operations Manual, we ask ourselves ~> Why should anyone be concerned about an operations manual? Through years of experience, here at BLEGSCOPE ® we’ve had the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them achieve sustainable growth. Although in the …

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Jan 21

How to write an operations manual

Every business and organisation, no matter how big or small, needs to have standards that govern the way it carries out its activities. It is believed that developing your own set of policies and procedures (often called an “operations manual”) will help your business run more smoothly ~ especially when you cannot be there. It …

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Jan 09

The careful art of managing relationships (PART I)

From the guy who parades the gun purporting to be the security guard, to the lady who brings you cinnamon spiced tea every morning, to the driver making deliveries for you all the way to the accountant in the finance department who handles your re-imbursables as well as the team in HR who always seem …

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Nov 21

How Important are Ethics to Small and Medium Sized Business Owners?

For the past decade till today, I have interacted with several business owners and managers of different sizes. Some of these firms are really small with one staff and others, large organisations with over 500 employees. As I learn from these businesses, one of the many things that have been most intriguing to me is …

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Oct 28

Consultancy ~> Creativity or Functionality?

The truth about consultancy rarely comes from the supplier side. For it to be absolutely appreciated, it must come from the demand side. Forgive my non-economist readers, but allow me to break it down for you in a No-Holds-Barred kind of manner. Many a time, a company, organisation, government or even a simple scenario is …

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