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Jan 12

Why the private sector should join the climatic change conversation

A few weeks backs, as I moved around some different parts of the central region conducting a research about the performance of various agricultural sectors, I discovered that one of the factors that hindered their production was changing climatic patterns, and like most of the other people always do, they were also calling for “government …

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Jan 10

The relevance of balancing Information and work flow in your organisation.

In any organisation, all products and services are a result of a process. These process involves inputs and outputs. Inputs can take on many forms as can outputs. For the manufacturing industry it is mostly physical elements such as raw materials, machines, whereas for the service industry it may be more intangible elements such as …

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Nov 17

Leveraging technology to spur your b2b marketing model

Leveraging technology to spur your b2b marketing model After sharing the basics of what the B2B marketing model is all about, a number of our readers have been engaging us further on its application and how best it can work in today’s business environment. Though in different ways, there is one thing that dominated the …

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Oct 18

Ugandan Economic slow-down: Reality or Perception

There is a belief that those who studied economics and business are conscious of the goings-on in the world of business, finance and commerce. Whereas this may hold true for a few of the former economics graduate classmates of mine, majority are just like you and me wondering if the deciphering of the current slow-down …

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Oct 11

The 7 steps through which the sales process can increase your sales.

With my own experience through observation of many sales professionals, different line managers and leaders, I have realized that the ability to sell something to someone; be it a product, service or an idea, is the fundamental skill at the core of many jobs in the business world. The sales profession moves faster than ever …

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Sep 29

Stress; know more about it and manage it better.

The rapid pace of modern living has seen individual lives changing faster and every day we are faced with tonnes of decisions and unique situations. Balancing work, our social lives, family, business and clients, health and fitness, school and spiritual growth among others, has become increasingly difficult and more individuals are falling short and failing …

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Aug 25


In my very first job after finishing my degree in economics, I had the opportunity to possibly the best training job to get one out of your shell. I was a Sales Executive for a two-person advertising / architectural practise. They were (are) a couple (now married) who both studied architecture at their respective Universities …

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Aug 23

How to Manage Your Online Reputation.

In our previous article we defined and talked about online reputation. Today, we share with you how you can manage your online reputation. There are now so many ways for strangers or even friends to communicate with you online without your knowledge. These people could be posting negative comments about you and your company, writing …

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Jul 26

Online Reputation Management

Have you ever thought about reputation? Do you really think it is important? Clearly, reputation is among our most treasured and powerful tools. At its simplest, reputation refers to what others think of us. This simple fact affects everything we do and say, everyone around us and everything we try to accomplish say public and …

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Jun 21

6 Hiring and Retention Tips For SMES

Any organization is only as good as its people. Among many challenges that SMEs face, hiring is one of the most critical challenges. This is partly because most of their efforts are directed at getting the technical work done and partly because of the fact that they lack the technical competence/personnel (HR) to find the …

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