Category: Entrepreneurship

Mar 24

Interview with Arthur Busingye of The Hub Group and Busingye Properties

Being a past client of BLEGSCOPE, We spoke to Arthur about his roles in his various ventures, his background in business and entrepreneurship and the most challenging things his journey as a real-estate guru slash businessman he has faced throughout his career. BLEGSCOPE_Business_Blog: You are a businessman and many may say heir of a formidable …

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Jan 20

The Real Challenges Of Working With A Team.

In a previous article published, we discussed the hidden benefits of working in a team, if you missed that, be sure to read about it here It is 2015 and we at BLEGSCOPE are well aware that many organizations and companies have set goals, drafted plans on how to achieve these goals but most importantly …

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Jan 16

Thinking Of A Bank Loan? This Is What You Must Know.

My friend Robert is an enviable entrepreneur with a great passion for distribution that is matched with a great sense of business analysis and the drive to book business deals. After a successful sales and marketing career in different organizations across the entertainment and telecommunications industries, he was sure it was the right time to …

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Dec 18

Unveiling The Hidden Benefits Of Teamwork.

The hype about teamwork has been on for as long as you can remember. Much has been said and written about teamwork over the past many decades and so many different articles have been published about teamwork and its benefits to organizations. Institutions have carried out research about the benefits of teamwork and all of …

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Dec 02

What wikipedia does not tell you about selling a business [Part-2]

A few months ago, we wrote the first part of What Wikipedia does not tell you about selling a business. Most readers have come back to us asking what one needs to consider before selling ones business. Whether it is selling the entire or part of the business, the underlying factors will remain the same. …

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Nov 27

How Entrepreneurs Deal With A Low Morale

We have all experienced days when you wake up and feel no need to do anything either because you are upset about something or because of disappointments from the day before. Most people have focused on motivating employees and it often seems like entrepreneurs never get demotivated. On the contrary, entrepreneurs experience the latter just …

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Nov 18

Starting a business? 6 Practical Things You MUST Do!

I’ve been told before that starting a business is one of the toughest things that has ever been done… During my work as a Business Analyst and Strategy-Consultant, I have come to interact with a cocktail of business minds young and old as well as wealthy and other comfortable. Matching this with the fact that …

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