Category: Entrepreneurship

Oct 06

A Step By Step Guide on Choosing Your Entrepreneurship Mentor

About a week ago, I applied to one of the mentorship programs, to offer mentorship to at least one start-up entrepreneur for one nonprofit based organisation focusing on youth development through entrepreneurship. This was after TUNADO organized honey week to showcase businesses in the honey value chain held in July at Forest Mall. Although the …

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Sep 29

Facing the Harsh Reality of Quitting Your Business.

In a previous article we shared the 9 questions you should ask yourself as a guide to determine whether or not you are ready for business. Following a request from one of our regular readers who asked “when would be the best time to let your business go?” Today we share with you important information …

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Sep 01

What Does It Take To Be A Consultant?

In many circles, it is believed that a consultant is an experienced professional and should have the grey hair to act as proof of his or her years in the respective “game” that they have made their name in. Believable or not, at one time in my professional life, I used to think this is …

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Aug 13

Tips From An Entrepreneur On Setting Up Your Business

Building on our most recent article that covered some questions that will guide your choice of setting up a business, we scheduled a meeting with Dickson Mushabe of Hostalite to give us a breakdown of a few key points one should consider when setting up a business. Incase you have no heard about Dickson, he …

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Aug 11

Are You Ready For Business? Why Have You Chosen That Business?

Usually, establishing a business is as thrilling as it may be frightening at all times. Many will experience as many rough times just like the good times. To many, this brings a lot of the much needed hope for a lot more better times and it keeps them moving. Every entrepreneur needs to know that …

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Aug 06

Major Challenges In Managing Family Businesses

If you missed it, the first part of this article discusses six principles every family business must apply. To many, managing a business is not an easy thing to do. Juggling tasks from operations to finances, business development, compliance and many others surely calls for concerted efforts from gifted leaders to realize success in business. …

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Jul 28

What Ugandan businessmen should make of the falling value of the Shilling.

Many currencies the world over are measured against the United States Dollar and Uganda is not an exception. This is traced back to the period after the Second World War in the early 1940s. After that devastating global war, the United States was the only major country which emerged relatively strong economically after the costly …

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Jul 23

Six Business Principles Every Family Business Manager Must Apply

To many people in business that I have met, they usually tell me that their businesses fall in the family business category and this is just because it is operated by a husband and/or wife. Most people will agree with me on this, as an assumed definition of a family business. Please get corrected today …

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Jul 14

9 Lessons to Manage Businesses During Uncertainty.

With the current economic situation that we are in and certain that it will continue to deteriorate, it poses severe uncertainty to businesses and their owners and managers. A lot has been said about the depreciation of local currency that the Central Bank Governor has said that he will not defend. The major solution that …

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Jun 02

Managing Quality in Organisations

From the previous article where we broke down the eight (8) key elements that define what quality means to different stakeholder, we now bring you the much needed knowledge on how to manage quality of your products and services. Before we get to the details, we shall highlight the major pillar of quality management and …

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