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Aug 07

Business Tip – Managing Growth

Every business desires to grow and achieve its goals. This growth may be in terms of sales growth, number of customers served or even quality of service among others. Like it is with any change, the changes that enterprises face as they grow are often times very challenging. It is therefore important for businesses to …

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Mar 16

6 ways to instill initiative in your team

Are you a manager grinding out results at your form of employment? Are you a Business Owner who works in your business as a Leader/ Director? When things stall, are you constantly wondering who you can assign the mantle too, or is there somebody who is always at your door with some keen initiatives? Taking …

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Mar 06

One Key Success in Business Lies in the Ability to Align Strategy to the Organization’s Capacity

One Key Success in Business Lies in the Ability to Align Strategy to the Organization’s Capacity Strategy is a word often used by business leaders. Whereas many of them have a fair understanding of what it is, a good number of them will also struggle to explain what exactly it is. Moving to business strategy, …

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Feb 27

Business Tip – Leverage on your strengths

No enterprise exists without challenges; industrial or those unique to the business. It is very tempting for organisations to focus more on bridging gaps and handling challenges when in fact they can instead focus on leveraging on their current strengths. Certain business strengths become unique competitive advantages for business to not only survive, but also …

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Nov 17

Leveraging technology to spur your b2b marketing model

Leveraging technology to spur your b2b marketing model After sharing the basics of what the B2B marketing model is all about, a number of our readers have been engaging us further on its application and how best it can work in today’s business environment. Though in different ways, there is one thing that dominated the …

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Oct 11

The 7 steps through which the sales process can increase your sales.

With my own experience through observation of many sales professionals, different line managers and leaders, I have realized that the ability to sell something to someone; be it a product, service or an idea, is the fundamental skill at the core of many jobs in the business world. The sales profession moves faster than ever …

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Jul 22

The Attributes of an Entrepreneur’s start-up dream.

Starting up your own business and most of all seeing it grow can be a very exciting thing. It is time to move from a start up to a grown up mode.  The big question for the first 300 days is mainly how your business will survive. After having found your original idea following your …

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Jun 28

What the Current Generation of Family Business Leaders Need to Understand about their Successors

Today, many businesses are facing one of the greatest challenges in family businesses; a smooth transition of power and ownership to the next generation. It is particularly more challenging for organizations going through it for the very first time. More often than not, managing succession is a roller coaster ride that sees these parties going …

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Jun 21

6 Hiring and Retention Tips For SMES

Any organization is only as good as its people. Among many challenges that SMEs face, hiring is one of the most critical challenges. This is partly because most of their efforts are directed at getting the technical work done and partly because of the fact that they lack the technical competence/personnel (HR) to find the …

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May 06

Organisational Structures That Kill Businesses.

As a consultant, every client you handle is a learning experience and an eye opener to bigger issues that many other organisations (may) face. Recently, our firm BLEGSCOPE was engaged by a client to conduct an Organisational Self-Assessment and our findings were both interesting and distressing. In our article today, we share some of our …

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