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Jun 25

Why Organisational Culture Is a Secret Ingredient To Your Firm’s Success

There is no specific definition for the term organisational culture. It is however used to mean shared values, beliefs, routines and behaviour among others in a workplace. Every organisation has its way of doing things varying from how meetings are held, how employees dress, how new employees are treated, and overall how day to day …

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May 14

Taking Your Deserved Central Role in Re-defining Your Workplace.

For the past 9 months, I have been waking up to complaints from my sister Linda about how her job has become too miserable because of her annoying boss, her snooping colleagues, her uncomfortable work schedule and even the pettiest of issues. Whereas her constant complaining may have turned into a habit, we might all …

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May 07

Why Manchester United’s succession planning strategy is bad for business…

So over the weekend, I was chatting with a few of my football buddies and out came an analysis of the recently woeful performances of European Football Powerhouse and permanent residents at the so-called Theatre of Dreams ~ Manchester United aka ManUtd. Looking at the current situation and comparing it to any business would be …

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Feb 27

6 things I have learnt from starting a business consultancy practice

A little over 8 and half years ago, I was beginning my career as a young high-energy-laden Economics graduate with the wit and charm to take on anyone with a view of successfully getting what I needed from them without exerting too much effort. Initially I began in Sales (I recommend everyone does a stint …

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Feb 25

When the customer is wrong

For you who are in the office reading this post and wondering whether the customer always is king, I retort to you “snigger!!!” Let me not mince any words as you wonder what I could be on about since it is the customer who erm pays your so-called wages… Well, in my eyes, being a …

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Feb 13

with or without (part II)

Initially, with or without began here So building on both Hugo and Roger’s ideas, their market ideas and strong determination led their respective country beverage companies to take a strangle-hold of their market shares and have some long-lasting success… But in evaluating their entry into the company, the out-going Managing Director who was the Senior …

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Jan 28

Value for Money – Hard to analyse? Or is it?

Many times, the discourse between what is in a business man/woman’s head and his actual executions are seen to be a little bit wayward in the realizations of what is produced in the form of results. Because of this, he/she feels that the difference between what he sees in his mind and what he sees …

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Nov 06


Have you ever been in that scenario when you are wondering what is itching your boss? You know what I mean; that point when you are so sure you agreed to split the roles of some assignment and then he/she turns around to yell in your face about not delivering in your outputs and your …

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