Category: Analysis

Feb 01

How a well-developed marketing plan simplifies your everyday marketing job.

Many business owners today fail to see the benefits of incorporating a Marketing plan in the overall strategic business process. It is so sad how many businesses today do not know what it means to even have one. Perhaps the most vital aspect of any business is the marketing plan. This marketing plan at most …

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Jan 26

If you could read one article about Focus, read this one!

In one of the whatsapp groups that I regularly engage, we were talking about Michael Jordan and one of the members asked how successful people manage to keep their high levels of focus and consistency. Right there and then it hit me that with all of today’s being “plugged-in” it becomes quite easy to keep …

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Jan 19

5 Strategies to managing multiple bosses in a Matrix Reporting structure

The dynamics of the workplace today are rapidly changing. Companies today are adopting more collaborative approaches to handling their day to day operations and these new approaches are breaking down barriers both between generations and between the traditional hierarchal approaches dictated previously by the tall organisational structures. Today, more than ever before, the rate of …

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Jan 12

Why the private sector should join the climatic change conversation

A few weeks backs, as I moved around some different parts of the central region conducting a research about the performance of various agricultural sectors, I discovered that one of the factors that hindered their production was changing climatic patterns, and like most of the other people always do, they were also calling for “government …

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Oct 18

Ugandan Economic slow-down: Reality or Perception

There is a belief that those who studied economics and business are conscious of the goings-on in the world of business, finance and commerce. Whereas this may hold true for a few of the former economics graduate classmates of mine, majority are just like you and me wondering if the deciphering of the current slow-down …

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Sep 27

Introducing Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Beginning with a question to expound our thinking: “what is marketing?” Very often, marketing is narrowed down to only mean communicating a company’s products to the general public or targeted client. This is only half true; marketing refers to everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. Even the small …

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Jun 28

What the Current Generation of Family Business Leaders Need to Understand about their Successors

Today, many businesses are facing one of the greatest challenges in family businesses; a smooth transition of power and ownership to the next generation. It is particularly more challenging for organizations going through it for the very first time. More often than not, managing succession is a roller coaster ride that sees these parties going …

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Jun 17

An analysis of the 2016/17 Uganda Budget

A whole week has gone by since the budget was read and all the necessary analyses have been broken down. But allow me to get my commentary in as well. Building on his first budget reading last year, the re-instated Minister of Finance Hon. Matia Kasaija explained it clearly that in an election year, because …

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Oct 13

For economic development in Uganda to be a reality, we should change the realities.

Looking at ones-self or better yet, one’s situation, it is always nice to know that you are progressing with your intended goals and achievements. Making progress is seen to be a given and deep down you smile and give yourself a pat on the back knowing that you are several steps ahead of where you …

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Aug 27

Local Economic Development; A Deeper Understanding Part II.

In case you missed Part I of the article be sure to catch it here. Today, we wrap up with Part II of the article. The Ugandan LED Policy was launched in 2012 with its overall goal as; “A transformed local government system linked to stakeholders at local and national levels that facilitates effective business-oriented …

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