Interpersonal skills: The attribute many organisations are missing out on creating team synergy

In our previous article, we defined interpersonal skills and explained how they can be practiced the right way. In today’s article we share with you how we can use the same interpersonal skills in creating and instilling team synergy.

So many organisations today have faced challenges due to a lack of teamwork. Numerous workers have failed to understand and appreciate each other for the work others have done, and have instead resorted to conflicts based on misunderstandings, which has in turn contributed to poor performance of many organisations. Apparently, research indicates that 85% of the reasons teams struggle while working together is due to poor interpersonal skills and the 15% is due to other technical reasons.

Interpersonal skills are very important and healthy for every organisation and the following are some of the ways in which people with interpersonal skills can help improve on its performance:

  • Provision of good client service
  • Proper conflict resolving
  • Ensuring effective communication
  • Ensuring team work
  • Conveying professionalism

Prior to the above advantages, it is important that people who work together play certain roles within teams so as to create team synergy and these roles include:

  1. Respect fellow team members: It is well known that every person has a different unique talent and way of learning and doing things. Therefore every individual should respect their fellow team members in all aspects of life such as viewpoints, religion, lifestyle, physical ability and many more. In every team, it is important to know that an environment in which members are treated with respect and dignity promotes team synergy thus better productivity.

  1. Open communication and honest feedback; Open communication and sharing of ideas in an organisation is very important for a successful team work to be in place. For an effective communication to take place, team members should have an open mind, participate in active listening and have a better and clear understanding of the organization’s goals. It is also important that every individual develops the will to accept any criticism and provide genuine feedback.

  1. Interdependence: The degree of interdependence in an organisation arises from several sources including the differentiation of roles, the distribution of skills and resources, and the manner in which goals are defined and achieved, and the manner in which performance is rewarded and feedback is given. Team members need to create an environment where they can contribute far more together than as individuals. A positive interdependent team brings out the best in each person enabling the team to achieve their goals at a higher level. Individuals should promote and encourage their fellow team members to achieve, contribute, and learn.

  1. Proper team composition: This is very essential in the creation of a successful team. Team members need to be fully aware of their specific team role and understand what is expected of them in terms of their contribution to the team and the project.

  1. Commitment to team processes especially leadership and accountability: Every team member should be accountable for their contribution to the team. Every individual should be aware of team processes, best practice and new ideas. Effective leadership for each individual is essential for a team’s success including shared decision-making and problem solving.

In conclusion, all the above roles are extremely important in both creating and maintaining team synergy, and once put in action will help doing away with conflicts and misunderstands in organisations, thus leading to excellent performance

By Mackline Ampurira


Mackline  joined BLEGSCOPE Team as an Intern and is now a Management Consultant Trainee. She previously worked with the Ugandan Ministry of Health in conjunction with (USAID) Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Team as a Research Assistant. She has interest in Marketing, Management and Human Resources. You can follow her on Twitter >>@mackampurira


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