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Our top 10 MUST READ/ MOST READ articles of 2016

Last year 2016, we published a number of articles and reports on this here BLEGSCOPE Business Blog. Whereas we may understand how content management and marketing works, our interest is to portray our thought leadership with our shared experiences and written down analysis to assist our clients make a better business/ development decision.

Listed below are our #Top10 must read/ most read pieces of original BLEGSCOPE thinking based on visits to our Business Blog and through our social media platforms of Twitter, Email and Facebook.

The takeaways?

Looking at the list, it’s clear that you, our audience, were hungry for perspectives on the deeper analysis of how the Ugandan economy is performing, as well as ways to enable your businesses to grow in the existing economic situation. From career tips for professionals to  understanding stress, dealing with difficult times will require some unique strategies that we took time to write about and share with you across a wide range of topics.

Here are the #Top10

  1. An analysis of the 2016/17 National Budget – June 2016

As expected from last year’s ambitious budget rising from 18Trillion to 23 Trillion, our public debt has grown from 24 Trillion UGX to 29 Trillion UGX within its expected gain. A huge majority of this debt has been generated from local borrowing through Treasury Bills and Government Bonds so as to manage the liquidity position of the economy ably handled by the Bank of Uganda. Read more…

  1. Ugandan economic slowdown’ Reality or perception – October 2016

In the world of African economies which seem to always slow-down after or rather during an election year, it is paramount that a nation’s Central Bank takes centre stage in ascertaining control of what it can in an economy and with its strong control of monetary policy, it uses this as a measure of controlling the level of liquidity in the economy. Read more…

  1. The 7 steps through which the sales process can increase your sales – October 2016

With my own experience through observation of many sales professionals, different line managers and leaders, I have realized that the ability to sell something to someone; be it a product, service or an idea is the fundamental skill at the core of many jobs in the business world. Read more…

  1. Networking Part 2: Practical ways to improve your network and networking – March 2016

We all have 24 hours in a day and sometimes they feel too few and other times they feel too many! It is possible to answer the question above and you can do this by asking yourself one simpler question… “What is one simple thing I can do quickly to refresh my network and make new connections?  Read more…

  1. Formulating a strategy for your business – April 2016

Strategy formulation is the first step in strategic management and must be handled well to achieve the benefits of strategic management. Strategy formulation is an action plan that identifies the organisation’s long-term direction and guides resource utilisation to achieve its goals. Read more…

  1. Introducing Business 2 Business Marketing – September 2016

Very often, marketing is narrowed down to only mean communicating a company’s products to the general public or targeted client. This is only half true; marketing refers to everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. Read more…

  1. Unmasking the 7 areas of focus and key metrics in manufacturing businesses – March 2016

It is evident that the manufacturing landscape like other sectors is experiencing an unprecedented technologically driven collective shift which is not expected to end. Ranging from consumer demands, the nature of products, and the economics of production and distribution are all evolving. The gap between manufacturing and technology on one hand and manufacturing and retail on the other is diminishing at a fast rate. Read more…

  1. Career tips for professionals – February 2016

Whereas the choice of career can many a time be also accidental, for those who are successful in their career choices, the decision to do what they are doing has been formed out of a few clever options and realizations’ and above all making the most of a situation. For you to favourably compete in your chosen career choice or a new career choice you should be able to realise that this current situation needs to improve, but above all you must be willing to do something about it. Read more…

  1. Using strategy to go ahead of your competitors – March 2016

With a rich history of strategy, the area of study has evolved overtime and is not only instrumental in business but notably also in military and biological sciences to mention but a few. With an interest in corporate strategy, a leading strategy guru, Michael Porter, refers to it as a means towards achieving competitive advantage through being different – delivering a unique value added to the customer, having a clear and exactable view of how to position yourself uniquely in your industry. Read more…

  1. Stress, know more about it and manage it better – September 2016

The ability to take on what life throws at us varies from person to person. Everyone feels and responds to stress differently. Whereas one person would get overwhelmed by a situation, another person would remain absolutely calm and collected. Stress management, therefore, cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Read more…

Summarized by Edmund Kamugisha

Edmund is the Engagement Director at BLEGSCOPE®, and has 12+ years of management consultancy experience notably in MSMEs, FMCG companies and in the service industry.

You can follow him on twitter: @edmokmg

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