September 2015 archive

Facing the Harsh Reality of Quitting Your Business.

In a previous article we shared the 9 questions you should ask yourself as a guide to determine whether or not you are ready for business. Following a request from one of our regular readers who asked “when would be the best time to let your business go?” Today we share with you important information …

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Improve Your Business Processes To Achieve Growth

A couple of weeks ago, we had an exciting strategy assignment with a client whose business is facing multiple challenges. Ranging from insufficient working capital to high staff turnover and the diminishing sales volumes, this import-reliant enterprise’s position has been made worse with amidst the local currency depreciation thus giving the business owner cum manager …

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What Does It Take To Be A Consultant?

In many circles, it is believed that a consultant is an experienced professional and should have the grey hair to act as proof of his or her years in the respective “game” that they have made their name in. Believable or not, at one time in my professional life, I used to think this is …

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