How Entrepreneurs Deal With A Low Morale

lowWe have all experienced days when you wake up and feel no need to do anything either because you are upset about something or because of disappointments from the day before. Most people have focused on motivating employees and it often seems like entrepreneurs never get demotivated.

On the contrary, entrepreneurs experience the latter just like any other, and devising means to keep the inner fire burning must be sought and put into action. Those times when business is just not shifting!

Many times you begin asking yourself;

What is the use of working so hard if all I get in return is this?

How come Irene or Peter with whom I finished school is doing better than me?

Doesn’t God see how I am struggling to put everything together?

And the list of questions goes on and on…………………….

Well, first things first, some of the reasons you started your business could have been the zeal and a deep passion in that particular field, the desire to be your own boss or even as the last option to survive without other income options. De-motivation which is just a lack of enthusiasm and interest in doing something stems from the person’s understanding, perception of the environment and the best way to deal with it will start from within. It will only continue to break your heart if you don’t dig deep to find the root cause of your low energies.

Here are a few ways you can deal with a low morale as an entrepreneur:

Understand that you are central to the problem solving process:

There is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You cannot choose or control your circumstance, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances. The right attitude takes positive thinking, having the courage to take on your plans and knowing that failure will occur only as learning experiences to improve.

Figure It Out:

Just like any other problem it is important to dig deep in order to figure out the root cause of your low morale. Morale is the end result of many factors. It is not a cause, rather, morale is in fact the effect of a combination of factors like uncertain business conditions, constantly moving your goalposts or sometimes just the wrong attitude and perceptions.

So ask yourself;

Have you been overworking lately?

Is it because you lost business to another firm?

Is it because your products are not moving?

Is it because you have accumulated a lot of debts?

Could it be because your customers are not paying up their debts?

 Whatever reason it might be, figuring it out is the first step to dealing with a low morale.


Minimize contact with negative people:

Having positive energy sucked from you happens a lot more than you can imagine. Ask yourself how many people around you always seem to keep complaining? Well, deeper positive vibes are not easy to come by, but sticking around more positive people can do a big trick on your positivity to become better.

Think Hard:

We have found moments of hardship or difficulties to be that point where our creativity is at its best. Creativity is nothing simple! However faced with a challenge as an entrepreneur this could be your eureka! Think about what it is that you haven’t been doing right and come up with your best solutions. This could be the point where you set or revise your goals. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Make those goals achievable and reasonable too.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes:

In order to find the best way of achieving something, we often have to do things we have never done before. Mistakes will happen if you are growing and getting better. Technically, mistakes are a good thing. At the very least they serve a purpose. The human nature is conditioned to remain in the comfort zone, but for the best results to be gained, unfamiliar paths must be chartered. On a similar thread, don’t let the mistakes drag you down. It’s too easy to make one, feel like we are so behind and there is no point in trying anymore and just stop. But if you tell yourself that it is not an option, it will not happen. Failing doesn’t matter — getting back on the horse is all that does.

Work Harder At Execution:

It is useless writing down a very impressive plan and then doing nothing about it or failing to implement it. So after coming up with your best solutions, double your effort in every single area of your business; be it marketing, selling or any other area. If you have been working 8 hours, this is the time to work another additional 1 or 2 hours. As much it may sound ridiculous, this is a good way to go.

Prioritize the things you want to do and must do. Make a list. As a business person, I live by lists. The more I can get a handle on the things I need and want to do – the easier it is to tackle them.

Look at The Bigger Picture:

There is no guarantee that doing all the above or even more is going to add a total boost to your morale. Most times the struggle is going to be real and sometimes the only thing that is going to keep you going is focusing on the bigger picture. The here and now may be very disappointing but the drive you need to get you there is your goal(s). The bigger picture should however not blur the small successes you make as it will be those small achievements that will cumulatively amount to the big success.

Personal Time is Precious

Try your best to take some time where you can just relax, do something you really enjoy or spend some quality time with your family. Resist the temptations of using your phone to read or send work related messages. You need a period where you can just forget about it all. Learn to separate your business from your personal time.

 Quit Comparing with the wrong indicators:

Every entrepreneur has their struggles and the quickest way to De-motivation is to compare yourself against others – You’ll never be them and they’ll never be you. To think that Jane is doing better is just a waste of your precious time. The best person to compare yourself to is your previous self or yourself yesterday. Focus on your business and make every effort to push your business to exactly where you want it to be. This is the only way you will grow your business.

While at all of that remember to pray about it. Regardless of your faith, prayer is a guiding principle that every entrepreneur should use. With prayer, you develop key qualities like of honesty, integrity and loyalty which are all essential qualities of any entrepreneur.

By Sarah Achiro

Sarah_AchiroSarah recently joined BLEGSCOPE®, as an Intern and has worked as a Marketing Executive for Riham Foods. She has  interest in finance, accounting and procurement. You can follow her on twitter >> @achirosarah

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