July 2014 archive

Jul 29

Challenges facing a growing entrepreneur

Doing business is a truly dynamic under-taking and though many people feel that one needs balls of steel to decide to leave formal employment to start your own business, one does not have to look at it that way. Last week on my personal Facebook page, my status was a small excerpt from a book …

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Jul 24

What you may not know about PPPs – Part III ~ Government’s Will

As mentioned in the previous articles Part I and Part II, PPPs can fulfill thier role only if they appropriately combine the interests of the two partners—that is, the interests of the government in expanding and improving services for citizens that are sustainable and achieving value for money and the interests of private investors in …

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Jul 18

What you may not know about PPPs ~ Part II

From Part-I, we shared the basics of PPPs. We now understand that that the private sector‘s role is to provide commercially effective solutions to assist government to achieve its outcomes by achieving defined levels of performance in service delivery. To tap into the PPPs space, the private sector must therefore be prepared to provide expertise …

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Jul 10

What you may not know about PPPs ~ Part-I

A common catch phrase has arisen when government officials are talking about funding the huge infrastructure backlog in the country. “PPPs are the way forward and will enable decent infrastructure to support economic development in Uganda” In the recent Uganda Government Budget Speech that was read in the second week of this past June  2014 …

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Jul 08

The complete SME’s guide to handling petty cash

Just imagine these situations; A – Pre-mix concrete dries up because a building contractor failed to quickly replace the pulleys for the construction system on a high rise building. B – Milk goes bad because a transporter failed to attend to a minor mechanical problem for a milk tanker heading to the main milk collection …

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Jul 03

When failure can be an inspiration…

So a couple of months ago, my friend (let’s call her Stacey) was picked at her workplace to be on the list of a potential scholarship to a Japanese (or was it South Korean) University to do a Master’s degree in Urban & Regional Development. Her initial foray into the field of Urban Planning after …

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Jul 01

Will the Ugandan Milk Industry ever exceed its potential?

Let’s face it, more people you know drink milk than those that do not. And above this, not many of us are even thinking deeply about entering this business at any level. The deeper analysis about Uganda’s milk industry has statistics all over the place, but with the formation of the Dairy Development Authority (DDA) …

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