June 2014 archive

Jun 26

Elements of practical personal finance that you must know (Part~II)

Building on the initial elements of practical personal finance that you must know…. These are the final four elements of practical personal finance that you must know. FOUR: Adequate protection (Insurance Planning):  The analysis of how to protect a household from unforeseen risks. These risks can be divided into liability, property, death, disability, health and …

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Jun 24

Elements of practical personal finance that you must know (Part~I)

Like the old saying that goes “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is not an exception when it also comes to personal finance. Whereas we all look forward to amassing lots of money, we would presume that it will come with financial freedom. But thinking again about the matter, we also know that …

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Jun 19

Exactly, how does the economy work?

If you can remember those mid-morning and long afternoon lessons/ lectures that somehow always used to drag and you were questioning the relevance of the topics being taught at school or at University, then you will really be keen on answering the question above… From time immemorial, no one can really put a finger on …

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Jun 17

A practical guide to succession planning for family-owned businesses…

Right before our website and blog were hacked, we were on the case of why we thought Manchester United’s succession planning strategy is bad for business in an article written by our Engagement Director. After reading that article, I am then moved to ask; What then is a good succession planning strategy and more so, …

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Jun 10

Internet Security lessons learnt from our website being hacked

So at the beginning of May 2014, our digital platform blegscope [dot] com was hacked into… Precisely speaking, it was hacked on the 4th of May 2014. Before last month, I always thought ‘hackers’ were just some misfit computer nerds who enjoyed playing mean tricks on the rest of us!!! You can say what you …

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