April 2014 archive

Apr 29

A lesson or two from the TelexFREE Scandal

Last year, I received several proposals to the same “so-called lucrative business”. It was very exciting to listen to and all of them were very passionate about this new way of making money. They individually came in all ways; be-it the corporate guys, students, young and old among others. I truly admired their sales abilities …

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Apr 24

Demystifying the East African Community (Part-III)

In the third and final article in this 3-part-series, i shall break down some of the key impacts that the re-switching-on of the East African Community will occur in a simple Q & A format. You will notice that we have taken a little while in wrapping up this series on Demystifying the East African …

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Apr 17

Interview with NodeSix’s ~> Solomon King

In line with growing our content for this here blog, every month we shall interview one of our former/ current clients. Our focus is on creating belief in local entrepreneurs and identifying local business people that can and have made some form of success from hard work and desire to grow. In 2011, BLEGSCOPE was …

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Apr 01

Demystifying the East African Community (Part-II)

If you’re just joining us, please check out Part-I of Demystifying the East African Community. The following are key timelines concerning the re-switching on of the East African Community. 30 November 1993: 1st Summit of East African Heads of State sign Agreement establishing the Permanent Tripartite Commission for East African Co-operation in Kampala, Uganda. 14 …

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